Take Your Family to Disney World For Free: Step-by-Step Instructions

Walt Disney World Swan Hotel

As featured in the New York Times' Tips for Travel Savings in 2014, CBS and NBC, here’s our step-by-step guide explaining how to take a nearly free family trip to Walt Disney World using travel rewards points! We traveled from Richmond, VA to Orlando with this strategy but if you live anywhere else in the US, the only difference will be the airline tickets, which you can still easily get using our method if you fly nearly every major airline

Family Travel is…Nearly Free


I was asked to join a wonderful group of travel and family bloggers for a month-long series entitled "Travel is..."  Each of us is sharing how travel has enriched our lives.  My post is about how we're able to travel the world for nearly free using rewards points and miles (and click below to see all the articles in the series and to enter a giveaway for a $1,250 Florida vacation!!): Click here to read my post called "Family Travel is...Nearly

How to Book a Free Stopover using United Miles

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In a prior post I showed how easy it can be to book an award flight to Europe using United miles (specifically on Lufthansa, but also true on many of their Star Alliance partners).  At that time I promised a future video on how to book a "free stopover" on an international round-trip flight using United miles and below is that guide. A 'free stopover' is essentially an entirely free flight thrown into the middle of your award itinerary!  While

The Best Miles Redemption Of All Time

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Since discovering the wide world of travel rewards almost 5 years ago, I've been fortunate to partake in some pretty amazing trips.  A lot of them would not have happened without the free hotel rooms and free flights either.  It's hard to justify a $10,000 European honeymoon when your wife is in medical school.  But when you can pay for 2/3 of that trip with miles and points, that makes a huge difference. So when I say that my latest

The Best Ways to Get to Hawaii with Miles

Westin Maui Pool

Hawaii is one of the top travel destinations in the world and it is certainly a great way to use your points and miles for a dream vacation!  Laura and I spent our honeymoon in Hawaii on the islands of Maui and Kauai and it is just a magical place that I would highly recommend to all. In the below video I take a question from a reader in the San Francisco area who wants to know his options to get a round-trip flight to Hawaii.  While this

Simplest Way to Europe with Points: Use United Miles on Lufthansa

Lufthansa Logo

In this video I want to walk you through one of the easiest ways to use travel rewards points to get to Europe: Using United Airlines miles on their Star Alliance partner Lufthansa to fly direct from many US cities to Europe. While it might sound confusing to book a flight on a German airline using a US airline's miles, this is really simple!  I'm always looking for ways to make travel rewards easier and more accessible for 'regular' people

Q&A Video: How to Book Flights for only 9,000 Points with British Airways Avios

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This is the first in a new series where I take a common question I get from my travel coaching members and answer it with an explanatory how-to video.  Also, I included a transcript below if you'd prefer to read instead of watch. How to Book American Airlines, US Airways and Alaska Airlines flights with British Airways Miles: I talk a lot about how much value you can get using British Airways miles in the US on American Airlines, US Airways and

How we Saved $7,017 on our 15-night Honeymoon In Europe With Miles And Points

My Wife and I Hanging Out In Rome

A lot of people look forward to their wedding day but any good miles and points blogger will tell you that it's all about the honeymoon!  My wife and I got married over the summer and while we did have an amazing wedding day, I was looking forward to our two week European honeymoon almost as much. My wife is actually a student so we only had a short period of time to get married and take a honeymoon right in the middle of July.  And as anyone