NYC to Portugal to Thailand and Back for $120!

Lisbon, Portugal

I just put together an amazing itinerary for my brother for his proposed summer 2015 trip and this is a perfect example of how travel rewards points can save you money and take you places you could only dream of! He’s a teacher and he wanted to go to either Europe or Asia next summer using his points, so my response was, “why not both??” United Airlines has an incredible bonus built into their round-trip international award bookings called

Our $231 Luxury Bermuda Trip using Travel Rewards Points

Fairmont Hamilton Princess Suite Bermuda

We just took our summer vacation to New York City and Bermuda and it is a great example of how you can save thousands of dollars using travel rewards points. We saved $5,500 off our luxury vacation, and only paid a net $104.79 for the hotel plus $126.50 on unavoidable flight taxes for a grand total of $231.29! Andaz 5th Avenue in New York City Using Hyatt Points Even though we're the ‘Richmond Savers,’ Laura and I lived most of our lives on

Beginner’s Guide: Best Hotel Loyalty Programs Part One

Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort, Montego Bay

One of the awesome perks of pursuing credit card rewards is that they help you experience things you couldn’t afford otherwise. Hotel loyalty programs, for example, allow you to spend the night in hotels you would never actually pay for and experience the opulence and class of a four-star or even five-star property. Most of us would never dream of shelling out $800 per night for a room in Venice or Paris, but credit card rewards can help us stay

Points and Miles: The Best Transferable Options

ocean- caribbean where we going

With all of the different types of credit card rewards to choose from, it truly becomes overwhelming at times.  That's because there are literally dozens of co-branded credit cards that offer hotel loyalty points, airline miles, and even cash-back. However, most travel rewards enthusiasts will agree that the most valuable points are ones that can be transferred. This post will explain a few of the most popular rewards programs with transferable

Travel Rewards 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Credit Card Rewards


I’ve racked up tons of free travel and thousands of dollars in statement credits over the years, and it’s all due to my complex relationship with credit card rewards. Basically, I’m obsessed with them. Family members and friends see me taking weekend trips, traveling abroad, and landing free hotel rooms, yet remain skeptical that any of it is really “free” or easy to earn. Sometimes they’ll feign interest and ask half-heartedly, “so…how exactly

Time Is Your Most Valuable Resource

Times is Money

I just read an article from my friend Mr. 1500 about what “Enough” means in life, and it got me thinking about what is truly valuable in my own life. Once my family is clothed, sheltered and fed, the most valuable resource to me is Time. We only get a finite amount of time in this life and it keeps ticking away every single second. Once past, that time is never coming back. We’re all so rushed every day, but what are we really accomplishing?

The What, Why, and How of Saving for a Down Payment on a Home

Down Payment on a Home Image

Home ownership is often marketed as the cornerstone of the American dream. But it doesn’t come cheap. You need to make sure you’re financially prepared before considering buying a home, and that means having an emergency fund already in place, a steady source of income, and the ability to continue contributing to your long-term financial goals (like retirement) alongside managing your new expenses associated with your home. If you’re