Your Dream Awaits

We’re seeking 500 financially responsible families who want to use credit card rewards points to each save more than $4,000 and visit Disney World for (almost) free.

The Challenge

As a group, we will support each other through the plan and together save over $2,000,000 on a trip to the Magic Kingdom.

We’ve done it, hundreds of families we’ve helped have done it—and we have all the tools and resources you’ll need to make this dream a simple reality.

How Much Does it Cost to Join the Challenge?

Joining the Challenge is 100% FREE, but we’re only accepting 500 families who are dedicated to following the plan. Read below to see if you are a good fit.

How Much Time is Required?

30 minutes! That’s all the planning it takes to make sure you’re on course.

Getting Started is Easy

Step 1

Decide if the challenge is right for you by reading the Disney Challenge info below.

Step 2

Fill Out the Application.

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The Barretts

Who We Are

Family run

We’re Brad and Laura Barrett, a husband-and-wife team who stumbled onto a unique way to get to Disney World for almost no cost. We love taking trips with our two daughters—especially when we find easy ways to dramatically cut out travel costs.

We formed Richmond Savers to share this knowledge with families like ours and build a community of travel value fanatics.


We’ve made the Disney World trip already. You’re applying to follow the same program that we—and dozens of other financially responsible families—have already taken. Our program has been featured in The New York Times, CBS and NBC. This is the real deal.

Financial experts

As Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in Virginia, we’ve leveraged our training and real-world experience to make travel more affordable for families like you. We won’t recommend any tips or advice that will jeopardize your sound financial standing.

Family in Disney World

Who You Are

Financially responsible

We’re looking for families to participate in the Keys to the Kingdom Challenge who pay their credit cards off each month and who have credit scores of at least 700. It’s important we state this from the get-go; we don’t want to lead folks on who might not be the right fit for our program.


The Keys to the Magic Kingdom Program can take nearly a year. We want families who have the focus and discipline to see their goal through to the finish line. Because we’re only taking on 500 families, it’s important that we get 100% participation — and it’s only fair to those who weren’t selected.


In addition to opening up some new credit cards that will unlock the rewards that will fuel your free travel, you’ll need to allocate your regular spending (groceries, bills, etc.) to these cards each month.


This is going to be exciting, right? Right?! We want you to get pumped up by the fact that you’re going to Disney World with your family — and you’re paying almost nothing. Zippo.

Checklist Icon

What We'll Provide Participants

The step-by-step guide

Technically, this is all you need to make your Disney dreams come true. We provide detailed step-step directions for exactly which new credit cards you’ll need to apply for and how each is used toward covering the costs of your airfare to Orlando, onsite luxury Disney hotel and park tickets. In total, it’s more than $4,000 in savings. Think of it as your park map before your park map.

One-on-one encouragement & assistance

We’ve got ears — and we’re here to help you make your dreams come true! We’ll personally follow up, track your progress, answer your questions and make sure you’re moving forward with the plan.

Video tutorials

Sure, it’s one thing to tell you how to hitch a free ride to Disney via travel rewards. But it’s another thing to show you. We’ll demonstrate in a series of videos how to point and click your way there.

Tracking spreadsheet

We’re accountants, remember? This is the exact same Excel spreadsheet that proved to be pivotal in managing our cards and points en route to Disney World. And we’re sharing it with you.

Private Facebook group

This is a great forum to gain peer support, report milestones you’ve reached, and build a solid foundation for holding each other accountable throughout the ramp-up for your grand getaway. Plus, we’ll be in there to help facilitate the discussion and answer your questions.

Participants Icon

What We'll Expect from Participants

Positive energy & attitude

Remember, this is free! And this is Disney World!! Jumping through a few wide hoops is a small price to pay—and one of the only prices you’ll have to pay. Period.

Social media engagement & referrals

In order to keep this as a free program, we ask that all participants share their progress on Facebook and other platforms so that naturally, we’ll have referrals interested in our next Keys to the Magic Kingdom Challenge.

Are you ready to apply for one of the 500 FREE spots in the Keys to the Magic Kingdom Challenge?

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What others are saying about the Disney World Rewards Plan:

Meredith E.

“Thanks to Brad and the our family of 5 has booked a trip to Disney World, staying on site for 5 nights this year for virtually free. Brad’s plan covered the cost of the resort room, park tickets, and even airfare.”

Seth Kugel

“Try, courtesy of a husband and wife team of C.P.A.s in Virginia... Their step-by-step guide to a free family trip to Disney World is a good test of whether miles mania is right for you.”

Jonathan K.

“I’m an auditor at a CPA firm so I approached this Disney deal with a lot of skepticism; but now we’re just about all set for Disney and things are working out much better than I’d planned. Before your help, I never quite understood the value of a reward mile but now we’ve saved $3,611.80 on our November Disney trip.

“To get these points, it only took me about 3–4 months. Big thanks to Brad and his online community for all the advice and help along the way. I’ve got a lot to learn, but honestly it only took about 20 minutes to really start catching on and saving a ton of money while doing things I was already doing.”

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